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How to Be the Best Dressed Guest (We're Talking to You, Man)

About this time last year, it dawned on us. When it comes to dressing up, why should girls have all the fun? You get invited to a wedding. Your date / wife stops by Nordstrom's and picks a new dress (always a new dress.) Then comes the shoes. Then the purse. The jewelry. Everything matches. She looks flawless.

You? You make sure your one suit is dry cleaned, find an ironed shirt, and hope that your tie doesn't have stains on it from the last time you put it on. It probably does, so maybe no one will notice.

We thought to ourselves, let's put a stop to this madness. Let's give men - even outdoorsy men - an option to add a bit of personality. Let's make cufflinks that people actually want to wear. Let's make something that says "Hey, I matter too!"

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This summer, we're making a statement. We're putting on that one suit, one shirt and stained tie, but we're throwing some seriously stylish cufflinks in the mix. Maybe you fancy the blue crab cufflinks. Maybe you like the gator cufflinks. Maybe you'll be into the soon-to-be-announced skull and crossbones.

Whatever you fancy, you deserve better. You deserve to be the best dressed guest. Shop now at, then tag @thealligrove #bestdressedguest for a chance to be featured on Instagram. We're talking to you, man.




Introducing Blue Crab Collection

Backyard crab boils. Sunsets on the beach. Lazy weekends on the river. Today we launch our coastal-inspired Blue Crab Cufflinks, in honor of all things summer. Grab an iced-tea and shop the collection. Southern rooted. Florida made. 3D printed. 

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